Monday, November 26, 2012

Radio - Sunday November 25th, 2012

We started off tonight's show with a tribute to the great Toronto punk drummer Motor Mike Anderson who passed away last Thursday.

We featured some great material by new bands like the Reacharounds (from Missouri), Permaculture (from the UK), Wiggler and the Tiny Humans, No Mistake (from California), and Kromosom (from Australia). We also featured new Canadian material by the Drunken Knights (from Barrie), the Facials (from Montreal), and Concrete Asylum (from Dartmouth).

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Toronto called Farang, a band made up with Payson who sings for Purity Control and played guitar in Capital Death, a band in which he played with Matt Carroll who is also in this band. Matt used to sing for the Endless Blockade. Ivan Davies-Roberts of the School Jerks and Kremlin is also moonlighting with Farang. Have a listen.

Tribute to "Motor" Mike Anderson
THE VILETONES - Rebel (Montreco)
ARSON - Coho Coho (Ugly Pop)
THE SECRETS - Teenage Rampage (Bomb)

REACHAROUNDS - Get in line or burn (Reacharound)
THE DRUNKEN KNIGHTS - A politikill standby (Self-Released)
THE BLUE DEMON - Beatnik Bandit (Boppa Do Down)
WIGGLER AND THE TINY HUMANS - The Kids aren't getting any smarter (Self-Released)
THE CAPITALIST KIDS - Socialism ain't a dirty word (Toxic Pop)

DEKODER - Anxiety (Chaos Rurale)
PERMACULTURE - (Inflammable Material)
FACIALS - Sickness (Chaos Rurale)
SLUTS ON 45 - Hung Up Drunk

THE CLASH - Death or glory (Epic)
JAWBREAKER - Fine Day (Shredder)
RED 40 - Frisco (Landmark)

OPERATION IVY - Hedgecore (Self-Released)
REVELATORS - Crawdad (Crypt)

CONFLICT - Big A Little A (Mortarhate)
CHINO HORDE - Paul (File is)
SWARM - Absent from the morning headcount (Fans of bad productions)
LOS OLIVADOS - Goin Down (Alternative tentacles)

HERD OF WASTERS - Glockey (Self-Released)
MEAN STREETS - Memories (Self-Released)
NO MISTAKE - Unibrower (Self-Released)
CONCRETE ASYLUM - Circle E (Self-Released)
VIOLENT ENDS - Dregs (Self-Released)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Bad habits (Bad Vibrations)

CHRONIC SUBMISSION - Cops ain't tops (NRK)
YOUNG LIONS - Things are gonna change (Schizophrenic
MICROEDGE - D.P. was right (Self-Released)
DEAD END - The subversive fool (Self-Released)

KROMOSOM - Bred to Lose (Holy Terror)
FILTHPACT - Resurrected under condemnation (Chaos Rurale)
DESPERAT - 10 000 Offer (Beach Impediment)
KANSALAISTOTTELEMATTOMUUS - Hoist the Jolly Roger (Chaos Rurale)

Demo Feature
FARANG - Kill Asylum (Self-Released)
FARANG - Fountain (Self-Released)

FARANG - Blood Press (Self-Released)

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