Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rocket Reducers “Futures Lookin’ Bright” CD

This is a self released recording of four songs one of which is a STITCHES cover. This was recorded by Jimmy Vapid so it is going to have a little of that RAMONES feel to it. They are huge fans of the JOLTS from BC. But they remind me of the NEW BOMB TURKS and that’s a good thing considering that they come from a small scene in Welland influenced by other things a lot shittier. In talking to them these kids have kind of been isolated by a bunch of shitty ass peers in school, which probably gives them the right kind of fighting ambition out of adversity that most punk kids grow up with. I’m backing them. This is their second demo and they have a new recording on the way. (Kick Your Butt – 720 Metler Road / Fenwick, ON / L0S 1C0 / Canada / e-mail: - SP

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