Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dichotomy demo

This is a noisey, burly, fast sounding hardcore attack from Vancouver. The fuzz is turned way up on the distortion. Think of a piercing air attack warning underneath this blazing crust blitzkrieg. At times the drum sounds as fast as a drum machine, but it is Gabriela who does double duty in MARGARET THRASHER. Her pace is must faster in this band. And there are space like noises that remind me of early Finn-core. Kind of like TERVEET KADET but with some LEBENDEN TOTEN thrown in. And also a bit of PINK TURDS IN SPACE and MEN’s RECOVERY PROJECT. There are songs about exacting revenge on vivisectors. Good to see. ($3.00 ppd – Gabriela / 638 Hawks Avenue / Vancouver, BC / V6A 3Y1 / Canada) - SP

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