Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hard Charger s/t CD

This is HARD CHARGER’s first official release and they really embrace the MOTORHEAD sound similar in the way that early INEPSY did. There is a bit more d-beat to HARD CHARGER’s sound with a rougher more edgier sound. The distortion is evident and I think it is that this Fredericton trio are probably just playing way louder than they should. But it doesn’t hurt this release. It just suggests how over the top these guys can be. If you were to take MOTORHEAD and amp up the speed to a DISRUPT pace HARD CHARGER is what you get. A crustier update of MOTORHEAD. Some of the classics like “Beer Bandit” and “Hellbound” have been re-recorded for this and a host of new ones not found on the first demo. ( – SP

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