Saturday, January 17, 2009

Antisocial Club s/t CD

This is a band from Calgary that has been kicking around for the past six years and according to their myspace site have called it a day. That’s too bad because this CD is pretty fuckin’ awesome. At times they remind me of early YOUTH BRIGADE, when they are rockin’ along at a more mid-tempo beat. However ASC has a tendency to time change on a dime, a la bandana era thrash. At times they remind me of early SNFU, except with more of a VANDALS meets MISFITS feel to it. And some of the riffage is a bit like MOTORHEAD meets NASHVILLE PUSSY. Suffice it to say that ASC are well schooled in a variety of areas of punk and it comes out in their material, which is refreshingly astray from the numbers. ( - SP

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