Saturday, January 17, 2009

Personality Crisis “Creatures for Awhile” LP

This is a re-issue of PERSONALITY CRISIS LP that originally came out on Mike Barbeau’s label, relative to the actress Adrienne. This was a band who spent a lot of time touring back and forth across the prairies and although they were from Murder city Winterpeg, became adopted by Calgary and Vancouver as native sons. Their story is told very well in Chris Walter’s book “Warm Beer & Wild Times” and I had never really given them the time of day. Before the book I only knew them for “Piss On You” from the “Something to Believe In” comp. Well I have been a fool. The harrowing stories of how this came about and how it was recorded in Vancouver back in 1983 using the ‘forearm technique’ by some disinterested engineer are a shame. But the energy of the band is still captured on tracks like “People in Glass”, “Wild Game”, and “The Advocate”. Although not entirely easy to peg the album serves as a document of a band that grew out of the hardcore era, which was a scene not lost on Winnipeg. The band blew away many of their contemporaries like the CIRCLE JERKS, SUICIDAL TENDENCIES, the DEAD KENNEDYS, and others. “Creatures from Awhile” reminds me of DOA record from back then, which does make some sense as PERSONALITY CRISIS was supported by Joey Shithead and the COLA lot. I wish there was more with this re-issue like the song by song breakdown that appears in the book or even a photocopy of the liner notes. But I will settle for just the record. (Workers Cooperative / 333 Garry Street / Winnipeg, MB / R3B 2G7 / Canada / - SP

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