Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Germ Attak "They Live, We Sleep" CD

This is Jo from TRIOXIN 245’s other band. This is their second full length within a year. And I have to say that the opening track about Palestine sounds like a lost DISCHARGE track. But the rest of this disk is more in the vein of DISORDER and the VARUKERS kind of sound. It is a classic early UK hardcore sound. A soundtrack for bristles and bullet belts. And why not. That was a great sound. That was a sound that inspired most of us before we heard our own local scenes. It makes total sense in an era where contemporary bands are looking back and rediscovering the roots of punk. It is a surprise that there aren’t more bands that sound like this. But GERM ATTAK bring something to the sound. The guitar sound is played with less fuzz and more twang. It kind of reminds me a bit of the DEAD KENNEDYS and East Bay Ray’s guitar sound if East Bay ray were to play more UK style punk. And Jo’s lyrics deal with military cover ups and insighting action. This is an all round great record and I am glad a label in Kyoto has recognized it. (MCR Company – 157 Kamiagu / Maizuru / Kyoto / 624-0913 / Japan / The songs on here are:

1. The Death Toll Mounts
2. Revenge
3. Servitude
4. They Live, We Sleep
5. Violence Everywhere
6. Domination
7. Military Experiment Cover Up
8. I Want Out
9. New Messiah
10. Invaluable Fate
11. Winter Punx
12. Time to Fight
13. Burn the City
14. The Death Toll Continues

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