Tuesday, October 24, 2017

The Protruders studio 3 session

I have heard people talking about the Protruders and guest hosts have played some Protruders on the show in the past. In the Pure Pressure interview I learned that Rob, the guitarist, played in the Protruders. I learned after the session that Joe and Isle were travelling down to Mexico for an indefinite amount of time and that we should try and record and interview them before they make their move so we set to getting them in here. So Rob set up about making this happen on the band's end and I worked out the station's end and we met on this day. The band features Joe on guitar and vocals and Isle on drums and vocals. They were in a band called Kappa Chow from Sackville, New Brunswick. Jarrett, is from Vancouver and met Joe and Isla in Calgary and approached them about being in a band. When they all moved to Toronto they ran into Rob and the line up was formed but both Jarrett and Rob were playing bass. Eventually they worked it out so Jarrett played bass and Rob played second guitar. But Isle plays stand up drums which is different than most drummers and adds to their unique sound. Joe's vocals remind me of Doc Dart from the Crucuficks. The band has quite a few recordings together with some more coming out which can be found on their bandcamp page.  Tonight we recorded the following songs:

1. Subway Crash
2. Controller Controller
3. Hot Glue
4. Ugly
5. Tax Evasion 101
6. Hydro-Phytol-Oxy-Plastick
7. Poison Future
8. Principal John

The band also recorded multiple IDs:

ID 1
ID 2
ID 3
ID 4

We interviewed the band after the session.

All audio was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. Aldo, from Punks and Rockers recorded the video and this was the first time he did a love stream of the session so the video below is missing some audio until someone uses a mic.

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