Sunday, October 1, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 1st, 2017

Inspired by the dancehall inspired set at the end of Prophesy we went with a ska tribute to Green Day by this band from Oakland. Tonight's show features an oi inspired punk, some power violence, a feature on punk from Barcelona, and a demo feature with Ninos Rata from Montreal. You can download the show here.

SKAMERICAN IDIOT -Circle Pit of Broken Dreams (Self-Released)

MIDDLENAME - Sunday, Some Wey (Self-Released)
JUSTINE AND THE UNCLEAN - Passive Aggressive Baby (Rum Bar)
LOCAL RESIDENT FAILURE - Dead Letter (Self-Released)
SIDEWALK - Fuck Knowledge (Self-Released)
BLISTERHEAD -Blood on Your Face (DEadlamb)
BLIND MAN DEATH STARE - David & Goliath (Arrest)
KENNY KENNY OH OH -Deep Red Swollen Eyes (Contraszt)

Catalunya is undertaking a referendum today that has seen police crackdowns, websites being taken off-line, and city governments being stripped of their resources. Here is a set of Barcelona Punk through the years as Barcelona is the major city of the region and has had an amazing scene through the years. There are songs amidst this set expressing some of the frustrations of living under Spanish rule. This is mostly in chronological order.

ELS MASTURBADORS MONGOLICS -El Rock de l´escola (Munster)
ULTIMO RESORTE -Barcelona es diferente (Floy Y Nata)
FRENOPATICSS -El heroe nacional (Vomitpunkrock)
DESECHABLES -El Vampiro (Anarchi)
INTERTERROR -Problemas de estado (Citra)
KANGRENA -Madrid Vaya Pastel (Self-Released)
DECIBELIOS –Subversión (Self-Released)
ANTI-DOGMATIKSS -Ellos O Tú (Tralla)
BUDELLAM –Catalans (Macaco)
24 IDEAS -My Nation Is Crap (Amok)
OPCIO K-95 -L'hora de passar comptes (Fire and Flames)
CULANDRA -Yo vine a fucar (Self-Released)
FINAL SLUM WAR -After the Bombs (Discos Enfermos)
SUICIDAS -Vives sin sentirte vivo (Kamaset Levyt / Contergan / Disundead)
UNA BESTIA INCONTROLABLE -No hi ha esperança (La Vida Es Un Mus)
GLAM -No existo (La Vida Es Un Mus)
ABSURDO - BCN 92 (Discos Absurds)
ANARQUIA VERTICAL –Movimientos (Antitodo)
CHAOS BCN -Fake Democracy (Self-Released)
SEWER BRIGADE - No Shortcuts to Glory (Mad Nutcher / TKO)
THE BITE –Doublethink (Daily / B-Core Discos)

HARD SHOULDER - I Don't Like You (Self-Released)
SAVAGE BEAT - Trench Warfare (Savage Beat)
GRIT - Push on Through (Self-Released)
FIT FOR ABUSE - The Real Kids (Painkiller / Warthog Speaks)
SABOTAGE - Mitt barn (Pretty Shitty Town)
SHAMELESS – Hipsters (BDS)
DISPARO - Mercenarixs del punk (Self-Released)
SYNDROME 81 - N'oublie Jamais (Primitor Crew / Savage Beat / Offside)
DEAD HERO - La vida continua (Self-Released)
GENERACION SUICIDA - Yo No Se (Self-Released)
NINOS RATA – Demencia (Self-Released)
CRUX - Keep on Running (Vomitpunkrock)
SEX SCENES – Smudge (Self-Released)
PARANOID VISIONS -West One (Shine On Me) (Overhground)
GOGOL BORDELLO -You Know Who We Are (Cooking Vinyl / Casa Gogal)
ABH -999 (Evil)

Here is a set of contemporary power violence for a change of pace.

TERCO - Usted, Parasito (Self-Released)
GAY KISS - Conceit (Self-Released)
SICK MACHINE - Indoctrinated (Self-Released)
KONFORM - Plague of Humanity (Self-Released)
SHACKLES - Self Substantiated
FACELESS BURIAL - Excoriate (Iron Lung)

I saw Ninos Rata at last year's Varning fest. I realized that the singer had helped us as a translator with bands from Cuba when they visited our show. I finally became aware of a demo for the band through RunState Tapes.We already played one song earlier in the show. Here are the other three.

NINOS RATA – Final (Runstate)
NINOS RATA – Vidas en Ruina (Runstate)
NINOS RATA – Histeria (Runstate)

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