Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Flyer - Wednesday, October 11th, 2017

The show will include thirty-one diverse artists from the global punk community working in distinct and unique visual art practices, operating both within and outside of punk. This exhibition will showcase artists who present an unusual take on punk art and who challenge punk tropes with their work. The opening will take place on Wednesday, October 11th and the show will be up for the duration of the fest during shop hours.

The artists participating in the show are:

Shiva Addanki
Joe C.
Alexandra Eastburn
Sebbe Elbourne
A. P. Fiedler
Olivia Gibb
Anahit Gulian
Alex Gutnik
Anneli Sanaye Henrikkson
Corona Iniguez
Catherine Joyal
Andrea Lukic
Kevin McCaughey
Arielle McCuaig
Cassidy McGinley
Alex Micallef
Arina Moiseychenko
J. Party
Jonathan Petersen
Jill Pucciarelli
Oriol Roca
H├ęctor Sudor
Eugene Terry
Unity Press
Kohei Urakami
Erika Verhagen
Chelsea Watt
Youth and Rust

The show takes place at Faith/Void (894 College Street, Basement) starting at 7:00pm and going until 11:00pm.

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