Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Pure Pressure studio 3 session

Pure Pressure is a hardcore band from Toronto that takes their inspirations form the straight edge sound. I first found out about them from the SHEXD crew and we featured their demo in July 2016, which was a couple of months after they released their demo. Karla was on the last episode of SHEXD and she told us that she was moving away after Not Dead Yet so we worked to try and get a a studio 3 session scheduled with the band before they broke up. It is unsure if the band is breaking up or not but they have a studio recording to release so there is more to happen with this band. The band features Karla on vocals, Rob on guitar, Greg on bass, and Nolan on drums. Rob played in Severe and currently plays in the Protruders. Greg played in Violent Future and currently plays in S.H.I.T. Nolan is from Calgary and played in Desgraciados and currently plays in Siyahkal. So the members in this band are busy, but who isn't these days? The band recorded the following songs:

1. Intro / Negative Peace
2. Searching
3. I'm Not
4. Witness
5. Open Case
6. No Conscience
7. Same Old Act
8. Delusional
9. 10.28
10. Tides

Pure Presssure recorded an ID for CIUT and an ID for the show. We also did an interview.

Ian Wilkinson recorded this session in our hallway outside of studio 3. Aldo Erdic recorded the session by video. 

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