Sunday, October 8, 2017

Radio - Sunday, October 8th, 2017

This is the seventh year for Not Dead Yet and the fest remains with a lot of highlights packed into five days of punk throughout the city. Greg and Chloe came in to give us highlights from the various whows. You can download a copy of the show here. For more details about this year's fest please go to  your social media site of choice : Tumblr, Twitter, or Facebook. You can listen to the show on the player above or download an mp3 file here.

PELADA – No Hay (New)

QUE LASTIMA – Sangre Morena (Self-Released)
WHIP – Trapped Inside My Head (Self-Released)
RAKTA – Raiz Forte (Iron Lung)
MARBLED EYE – Primrose (Self-Released)

ACRYLICS – Momma’s Boy (Neck Chop)
RADIATION RISKS – Help by the Beatles (Lumpy)
GLUE – Enemy (Katorga Words / Video Disease)
PATSY – Eat It (Total Punk)
RASHOMON – Develop and Genocide (Self-Released)
BOOJI BOYS – I Dream of Booji (Drunken Sailor)

SANCTION A – Sullivan (Self-Released)
XYLITOL – Atrocity Man (Thrilling Living)
NARCOESTADO – Quiero Libertad (Discos MMM)
RINA – Vulnerables (Cintas Pepe)
L.O.T.I.O.N. – Vid the Pigs (Toxic State)
LEBENDEN TOTEN – Near Dark (Wicked Witch)

INCENDIARY – Front Toward Enemy (Closed Casket Activities)
SECT – Seventh Extinction
GLORY – The Fact (Triple B)
ILLUSION – I.O.T. (Self-Released)

MALINGERER – Fuck Me (Self-Released)
MIL-SPEC – Insight (Self-Released)
HVAC – Hit My Limit (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CHEW – Black Sheep (Self-Released)
PUBLIC EYE – Left Side (Best Before 84)
PRIMAL RITE – Sensory Link to Pain (Revelation)

INMATES – Cement Shoes (Human Stench)
VANILLA POPPERS – Rock Bottom (Self-Released)
KOHTI TUHOA – Masskuolema (Svart / Southern Lord)
MOMMY – NY Pedestrian (Toxic State)
DRUJ – Scaphist (Sself-Released)
COLLAGEN – Moniker (Self-Released)
DREAM PROBE – La Guerra Contra La Probresa (Self-Released)
PROM NITE – It’s Boring (Barfbag)

CAREER SUICIDE – Borrowed Time (Deranged)
FURY – Dense (Triple B)
WITCHTRAIL – The Modenr Sacrament (Self-Released)
CELL – Contempt (Self-Released)
CRO MAGS – Street Justice (Rock Hotel)

LUST FOR YOUTH – Tokyo (Sacred Bones)

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