Sunday, May 8, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 8th, 2016

Coach House Books has published a fantastic little novella on Teenage Head called "Gods of the Hammer". We were able to speak with Geoff Pevere, author of the book and former host of CBC's "Prime Time". He is a wealth of knowledge and spoke enthusiastically about so many aspects of the band that it helped put context to the band in a post Frankie Venom era. Hope you take the time to pick up the book. 

TEENAGE HEAD – Picture My Face
Interview with Geoff Pevere about Gods of the Hammer
TEENAGE HEAD – Tearin’ Me Apart

We weren't able to fit in a top 10 last week so here is my favourite releases from April 2016 in reverse order....

10. GAZM – Reasons (Self-Released)
9. DIGI BOYS - No Clue (Self-Released)
8. PROM NITE - Petty Demon (Self-Released)
7. ARM’S RACE – Bastard (Quality Control HQ)
6. SIDETRACKED – Opposition (Rotten to the Core)
5. ABSOLUT - Devil (D-Takt and Rapunk)
4. AGGRESSION PACT - Scattered Ash (Painkiller)
3. SEM HASTRO – Silencio Covarde (Self-Released)
2. SPIT - We won't suffer the people of god
1. DESGRACIADOS - Caos (Deranged)

John Stabb passed away from stomach cancer this past week. Here is one of my favourite songs by G.I.

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – Religious Ripoff (Dischord)

Download an MP3 of the show to take on the go.

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