Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Inactivist studio 3 session

Inactivist are a new band made up of some local boys and a couple from Galway. The couple from Galway are Anna and Evan who also play in another band called Dot. Inactivist was the hardcore band that both wanted to start. Anna is the singer. Evan is the guitarist. And Evan said that playing a studio 3 session was a dream come true which was very flattering to learn. Glad we could make a dream come true.

This session was the third time we recorded in the hallway and I wanted to try and work on sound isolation for the vocalist so we set Anna up in the interview studio.

The local boys are Leo who also plays bass and sings in Gaucho, and Ryan who drums in so many bands, but we used to play in a band together fifteen years ago called Countdown to Oblivion. It is odd that none of Ryan's bands have ever played at the station before. And I have tried to get Gaucho to come into the studio twice before and am currently trying right now to get them in..... I haven't given up on them. And it was great to have at least one member from Gaucho in the studio.

The song recorded were a mix of songs they have already recorded (which you can find on their Bandcamp page), some new ones and a Circle Jerks cover:

1. Pessimist / Feminist
2. Leave the Next Day
3. Ffffkill
4. Smokestacks
5. YYZ
6. In My Head
7. Operation (Circle Jerks)
10. Interview

Ian Wilkinson recorded this session which we aired the best versions of songs on July 17th. You can find other takes of these songs and other crappier photos on the archive.org page. 

Aldo videotaped this session for Punks 'n Rockers.

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