Sunday, May 1, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 1st, 2016

It's May 1st so we started off with a song called "Mayday" by Sinkin' Ships. You can hear the show on the player above or download an MP3 file here

SINKIN’ SHIPS - Mayday (Sink and Destroy)

OBLIVIONATION - Proud To Be Dumb (Self-Released)
DOME OF OBEDIENCE - Slave State (Self-Released)
SICK STATE - Jail Gym (Self-Released)
FAILED MUTATION - Hard To Care (Self-Released)
KRIMEWATCH - ゴキブリ 男 (Self-Released)

DUCHESS SAYS – Negative Thoughts (Slovenly)
AS MERCENARIAS – Alam Acima (Soul Jazz)
THE ACCIDENT – Kill the Bee Gees (Chuckie Boy)
SADO NATION – Gimme You (Grand Theft Audio)
THE CICHLIDS – Missionary Man (Bold)

CRETINS – Shadows (Deranged) - Richmond, Virgina
DANGER - The Hangman (Montreal)
EXTENDED HELL - Struggle For Survival (Self-Released)
RELEVANT ANGER - Death By Art (Self-Released) 
TERVEYSKESKUS - Koditon Kuutamolla (Svart)

RED MASS – Noir et Blanc (Slovenly)
FEEDERZ – One of Us (Broken Rekids)
SHOW BUSINESS GIANTS – Always the Last One to Know (Way Out)
BAD ANTICS – Suck It Up, Part 2 (Skrammel)
TOXIN III – Manifestations (Rave Up)

THE CHAIN - Standing Strong (Self-Released)
GAUCHO – Demonios (Iron Lung)
DAUDLYFLIN – Mannvera (Self-Released)
USELESS EATERS – Difficult (Lollipop)
VCR – Shut Up (Self-Released)
QUITTER – Bodyworm (Blow Blood)

WASTE - Force of Production (Self-Released) 
THE REAL COST - Stay Alert (Self-Released) 
IT FOLLOWS – Intro-Disgust (Self-Released) 
FURY - Thin Line (Self-Released) 
CORRECTIVE MEASURES - Out Of Line (Self-Released) 
SEVERE – Distorted Views (Self-Released) 

RIXE - Rapport De Force (La Vida Es Un Mus)
NO TIME - You’ll Get Yours
EVACUATE - They'll Love You (When You're Dead)
THE BRISTLES - Hate in Vain

PSEUDO – Airplane (Self-Released)
BISHOPS GREEN – We Got Nothing (Handsome Dan)

SPASTIC PANTHERS – Coaldale Saturday Night (Handsome Dan)
SICK OF TALK - My Dog's Into Anarchy (Roach Motel)
RAZORBUMPS - Don't Say Nothin' (Self-Released)
INACTIVISIT - In My Head (Self-Released)
STUCK PIGS - Stuck Pigs
S-21 - Mass Grave (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is Science Project who are a one man band coming out of Halifax featuring Cody Cross who has played in Negative Rage, Grump, Unreal Though, Concrete Asylum, Alienation, Bricks, and Carcass Toss. Inspired by Devo or Dow Jones and the Industrials you can download the demo on Mediafire

SCIENCE PROJECT – Diary (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Oh Boy (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Deformed Depraved (Self-Released)
SCIENCE PROJECT – Beautiful Human (Self-Released)

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