Sunday, May 15, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 15th, 2016

You can download an MP3 of the show here.

EXTENDED HELL - Authority Intervenes (Self-Released)

DEMON SYSTEM 13 were a band from Umea Sweden that formed in 1995. They broke up in 2002 and never played Canada. So when SAGO told us they were playing here I was shocked that they had even gotten back together. Here is a retrospective look back taking a song from each of the bands releases to get ready for their show on Tuesday. 

D.S.-13 - D.S.-13 (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Rippin' shit (Communichaos Media / Insect)
D.S.-13 - Larmrapport (Busted Head)
D.S.-13 - Youth Crüe Uber Alles (Enslaved / Useless Boy)
D.S.-13 - Its About Time.... (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Fight (Deranged)
D.S.-13 - Thrash Lifestyle (Havoc)
D.S.-13 - Jag Skiter I Dig (Busted Heads)

NAPALM RAID played last week.....

NAPALM RAID – Why? (Rust and Machine)
BLOOD PRESSURE – Fraud (Even Worse / Way Back When)
DSB – Bastard Rock
FILTH – You Are Shit (Lookout)
SAGO – Ignorant Shit (Self-Released)

VAASKA - Histeria (Beach Impediment Records)
MULLTUTE - Warten (Self-Released)
S.H.I.T. - Incorporation (Self-Released)
CARCOSS TOSS demo - Rich Rot (Self-Released)
DESTRUYE Y HUYE - Sin Miedo (Self-Released)
S-21 - Oriental Ornamental (Self-Released)

GOVERNMENT ISSUE – Sheer Terror (Dischord)
PEACE CORPSE – Breach Birth Generation (Toxic Shock)
KLAN – Pushin’ Too Hard (Posh Boy)
BIG BOYS – Hollywood Swingin’ (Touch ‘n Go)
ARTIFICIAL PEACE – Suburban Wasteland (Dischord)

GREEN BERET - Systemic Abuse (Side Two)
DFA - Pliant (Unrest)
SCARFOLD - Kill the Clan (Self-released)
FINAL DRAFT - Destroyed Cities (Grind Promotion)
ATROPELLO! - Donde estan nuestros sueños (Self-Released)
BIG EVIL - The Air Is Just Different Up Here (Self-Released)

BARBED WIRE – The Thunderhead (Self-Released)
THE DIRTBOMBS – Cosmic Cars (In the Red)
THE BRIEFS – She’s just a Girl on the Block (Bomp)
THE DIRTYS – Rock It Out Tonight (Crypt)
THEE TSUNAMIS – Saturday Night Sweetheart (Magnetic South)

COMBAT KNIFE - Descent Into Madness (Self-Released) - Olympia
CRAZY SPIRIT - Whisper (No Patience)
ANTIFACES “Sondos Reciclados” - Discriminacion (Self-released) Miami
GAWKER - Chongo (Self-Released) - Calgary
KLOUT - Not Your Battle (Self-Released)
HARD SKIN - Bunch of Pissed Up Cunts (JT Classics)

BOOJI BOYS - New Reich (Self-Released) 
CAMPAIGN COMMITTEE - Vote Maybe On Proposition Go Fuck Yourself (Self-Released)
BLACK PILLS - Grow-Rot (Self-Released) 
BIG BLEACH - Biker Lve Song - Under The Bleacherz (Self-Released)
ULTRA - Spitting Image (Self-Released)

Facade are a new band from Montreal that features members of Vile Intent, Brazen Hell, and Black Ships. This great blog named Cut and Paste has a download for this brand new demo. 

FACADE - Cell (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Smoke Screen (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Tipsy Molly (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Paranoid (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Helping Hand (Self-Released) 
FACADE - Poison Pit (Self-Released) 

CRIMEN - Bien Chafa

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