Sunday, May 22, 2016

Radio - Sunday, May 22nd, 2016

So to celebrate Victoria Day we played a version of "God Save the Queen" as covered by Los Punk Rockers which was recently re-issued. You can hear the whole show above or download an MP3 file here. Here is the rest of the playlist :

LOS PUNK ROCKERS – God Save the Queen (Nevada)

PERONOISEPORA – Excommunication (Self-Released)
ONKIIRTAS - Háború (Permaculture)
THICK SKULL - Thicken Your Skull (Self-Released)
SPINE – Visitor (Bad Teeth)
MAGRUDERGRIND – Stagnant (Bones Brigade / Kaotoxin)

RED MASS – Possession (Slovenly)
STINKY TOYS – Boozy Creed (Polydor)
ELECTRIC CALLAS – Jingle Balls (Skydog)

SEVERE – Persecuted (Self-Released)
ZERO – Think Twice (Self-Released)
THE REPOS - Wild Bore (Youth Attack)
SUNSHINE WARD - No Concern (Hardware)
TOTAL ABUSE - Watch Me (Deranged)
DARK ERA - Gaslighting (Self-Released)

WET ONES – Thumbs Down Syndrome (Slovenly)
ZEKE – On the Run (Aces and Eigths)
CANCER BATS – Scared to Death (Roadrunner)
VARUKERS – All Systems Fail (Riot City)
INEPSY – City Weapons (Feral Ward)

PMS 84 - The End (Self-Released)
NO TIME - Gutter Dreams (Six Feet Under)
SILENT ORDER - We Exist (Konton Crusher)
VCR – How Low Can a Punk Get? (Self-Released)
WAD - No Provisions (Self-Released)
ISOTOPE - Midnight Soldier (Sorry State)

PRIMETIME – Anyway (La Vida Es Un Mus)
CRIME – Hotwire my Heart (Crime Music)
ALLEY CATS – Nothing Means Nothing Anymore (Dangerhouse)

DESVERGUE - Ciudad Prisión (Jesboligakurac)
FIREWALKER - Sicker Than You (Self-Released)
LOCK – Disrespect (Iron Lung)
MIGRAINE - Dysphoria (Self-Released)
MUCH WORSE - Nothing New (25 Diamonds)

Last Kaste are a new band from Vancouver featuring Chris from Alternate Action on guitar and Gordie on drums who also plays guitar in Despair. You can hear their demo on band camp.

LAST KASTE - Intro (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Apathy (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Subvert (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Sanctimony (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Suffering (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Resistance (Self-Released)
LAST KASTE - Police State (Self-Released)

RICHARD HELL AND THE VOIDOIDS – I Can Only Give You Everything (Red Star)

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