Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Rebel Spell studio 3 session

This is the third time I have spoken with the Rebel Spell, but the second studio 3 session we have recorded with them. Last time they were here "Beautiful Future" had come out and we could only do an interview which was in the hallway with a zoom recorder. And someone had to bring the zoom recorder into the station. That interview was with the same line up which features Todd on vocals, Erin on guitar, Elliot on bass, and Travis on guitar.

The first time was at the old station in 2006. But this session was set up by Rebel Time Records who were involved with this latest release. Randy sent the CD to me when it first came out and I had been listening to it constantly in preparation for the interview. Not just listening to it, loving it. It was like a kindred spirit with regards to the lyrics. In fact, I apologized after the interview for getting so in depth with the lyrics and Todd said I should just pick up the phone and call him in a joking manner. But I let him know that I was grateful that he wrote about the subject matter that he did regarding the environment and the First Nations and about oppressive parts of the system. 

The Rebel Spell had been on your for a while and when watching them and just how perfect they were playing I observed that this was a band firing on all cylinders. They give it their all for every song which required playing full out and simultaneously singing complicated vocal arrangements in unison. 

The band recorded songs from the new release and past releases. Here is what was recorded.

1. Hopeless
2. Can't Fool Me
3. Hacksaw
4. Not a Prayer
5. All We Want
6. Mover of Movers
7. Breathe
8. Can't Be Just Me
9. See Through
10. Is It Enough?
11. I am a Rifle
12. Pride and Prejudice

Then we had them record some IDs:

13. Rebel Spell CIUT ID
14. EXD ID

This session was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. The session was videotaped by Aldo Erdic and Candy Nichols for Punks and Rockers. This clip only captures "All We Want", "I See Through", and "I am a Rifle", but you will get how on this band is.  

Afterwards we went to the band's school bus which was fuelled on recycled vegetable oil and smelled like french fries. Walking the walk. That school bus is amazing.

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