Sunday, November 16, 2014

Radio - Sunday, November 16th, 2014

Tonight's show was guest hosted by Greg Benedetto, the promoter behind Not Dead Yet. Not Dead Yet is an annual punk fest organized in Toronto over the better part of a week and this is the fourth year if you don't take into consideration the Fucked Up Hallowe'en weekends. Because the line up has been fluid and in order to get a flavour for the line up Greg came in to play music from bands at this year's fest. Not Dead Yet unofficially starts this Tuesday with an art show at S.H.I.B.G.B.'S (See the show listings on the side) but for the full details of the fest go to

FORWARD - What is the Meaning of Love

FARANG - You tore your shirt off / Gumboots (Bad Vibrations)
ANASAZI - Bone Collector (Toxic State)
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Holy things are for the holy (Iron Lung)
GLUE - Enemy / Backward Society (Video Disease)
IRON LUNG - Shovel (Iron Lung)

S.H.I.T. - Feeding Time (Static Shock)
WARCRY - White flag (Feral Ward)
LIFE CHAIN - Recipe for Disaster (Imminent Destruction)
TERCER MUNDO - Intro / Depression / No Importan (Cintas Pepe)
PLEASURE LEFTISTS - Elephant Man (Ktorga Works)
INSTITUTE - Giddy Boys (Katorga Works)

ANCIENT HEADS - Intro / Waste of Life / Identity Shift (Climbin' Aboard)
VACANT STATE - Dying World (Deranged)
COKE BUST - Iron Spiral (Grve Mistake)
HASSLER - Amoral / Trinwreck (Beach Impediment)
MINDSET - Be the Spark (React!)
COLD WORLD - Cold World (Wank all night)

EARTH GIRLS - We've Never Met (Grave Mistake)
DIE - Ready to Rot (Sonic terror Discs)
CAREER SUICIDE - Ply the Part (Deranged)
HOAX - Down (Youth Attack)
VCR - Fake Freaks (Barfbag)
LA MISMA - Guerras Slenciosas (Toxic State)
PROXY - Police Car (Discos MM)

DEMOLITION - Big John's Mosh (Triple B)
POWER TRIP - Crossbreaker (Southern Lord)
MINUS - Shackled (Closed Casket Activities)
SOUL SEARCH - Damaged to be (Closed Casket Activities)
TENEMENT - Freak cast in iron (Cowabunga)
MARKED MEN - Fix my brain (Dirtnap)

Tercer Mundo from Mexico City will be playing the fest. They represent the first band from Mexico to play here. Some of the members have another band called Muerte so we featured them in our demo feature. You can download the demo at bandcamp.

MUERTE - Tortura (Self-Released)
MUERTE - Me Urge (Self-Released)
MUERTE - Guera sante (Self-Released)
MUERTE - A la Verga (Self-Released)
MUERTE - Nada (Self-Released)

You can download an MP3 file of this show here.

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