Sunday, November 9, 2014

Radio - Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Tonight's show starts out with a themed set on war to ponder Remembrance Day by. Listen to the show on the player above or download the MP3 file here

CRASS - Don't tell me that you care (CRASS)

DOA - War (Fringe)
CONFLICT - Force or Service (Mortarhate)
FINAL CONFLICT - The Last Sunrise (Pusmort)
CRUCIFIX - Annhilation (CRASS)
YYY - Domination (Fringe)
7 SECONDS - What if theres war in America (Positive Youth)

Re-issues set
NEO PUNKZ - Green Devil (Lveum Discos)
SUSPENSE - Murder with the Axe (Lveum Discos)
PIGZ - Stooges (Ugly Pop)
PIZZOAR - Veckopressen (Re-Ken)
PF COMMANDO - Rough Sound (Ugly Pop)

Top 10 runner up set
THRASHINGTON DC - Too Fat For This Shit (Crapoulet)
BUSTED OUTLOOK - Caring For A Friend (Self-Released)
RED DEATH - Unholy Agony (Self-Released)
CORRECTION - Designed to Subjugate (Self-Released)
RAZORHEADS - Embrace Impact (Self-Released)
NAPALM RAID - Soon The End (Imminent Destruction / Rust and Machine)

THE CHEMICALS - Run and Hide (Mean Bean)
THE WIPERS - Bowery Boy (Mean Bean)
X - TV Cabaret Roll (Ugly Pop)
VICTIM PARTY - Adam Cook, Extinguished Gentleman (Ugly Pop)

Top 10 Runner up set 2
CATHOLIC GUILT - Wholesale Execution (Cut the Cord / Doomtown)
SORROWS - Must Thrive (Self-Released)
CRYSTAL SWELLS - The Bear Scare (Alaran / Trbl Fckr)
CUM RAG - Rich scum (Self-Released)
HOT TIP - Weird Meat (Self-Released)
RHYTHM OF CRUELTY - Secrets (Crude City)

In reverse order a top 10 for October 2014
STERILE MIND - Vacant Creature (Self-Released)
PISS PISS PISS - Never Herd of Amebix (Self-Released)
FEEL NOTHING - Feel Nothing (Self-Released)
TERCER MUNDO - Nada (Cintes Pepe)
NO SIR, I WON'T - Occpy (dead Broke / Dirt Cult)
HERO DISHONEST - Nälkälakko (Peterwalkee)
BORN WRONG - Two Faces (Schizophrenic)
RESIST CONTROL - Stockpile (Peterwalkee)
BLOOD PRESSURE - The Facts (Beach Impediment)
RATOS DE PORAO - Seculo Sinistro (Alternative Tentacles)

Tonight's demo feature is a band from Deep Cove, North Vancouver called Active Glands. The singer was from Surrey but lets not split hairs here. The band released a raging demo in 1983 which you can download at They appeared on a tape comp called "Undergrowth '85 and were described as "Intense. Great stop and go thrash. Reminds one of Christ on Parade. The recording we played tonight happened four years later and remained unreleased. There is a little bit about them on the Old Fast and Loud blog, but the thing I keep re-reading is that it was a shame they never released vinyl.

ACTIVE GLANDS - I'm Alone (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - 10 Times Better (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Criminals (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Technology (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Perfect World (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Assholes (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Death Resistance (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Carcasses (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Tourists (Unreleased)
ACTIVE GLANDS - Tomorrow is today (Unreleased)

There is three more songs that didn't get played so go to the link that Old Fast and Loud created at

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