Sunday, November 23, 2014

Radio - Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

We started out tonight's show with a brand new studio 3 session recorded this past Tuesday. The band is called Pub Night and they are a new oi inspired band. You can read up more about them under the post about the session.

PUB NIGHT - Another Round (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Interview (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - The Bottle (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Interview (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Goin' down the bar (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Interview (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Skins 'n Law (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Interview (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Interview (CIUT)
PUB NIGHT - Last Call (CIUT)

JERRY'S KIDS - I don't belong (Taang)
WARSONG - Restitution (No Nostalgium)
NAKED RAYGUN - Treason (Caroline)
VALLEY BOYS - Eyes of Fire (Cut the Cord)
LIFE'S BLOOD - You're X'd (Self-Released)

THE ROUSTERS - Rock 'n Roll or run (Aroila)
THE WIMPS - Caroline (Sniff)
THE MONKS - Nice legs shame about the face (Carrere)
THE NADS - Fashion Girl (Self-released)
JOHNNY THUNDERS - You can't put your arms around a memory (Sire)

NEWTOWN NEUROTICS - I remember you (Razor)
EATER - Typewriter babies (Anagram)
RED ALERT - I tore up your picture (Captain Oi!)
MONO MEN - No Way Back (Estrus)
MIRACLE WORKERS - One step closer to you (Voxx)

A set inspired by the number of first wave events coming up in the next week.
SID'S KIDS - Poor Poor girl (CIUT)
THE UGLY - Cruel Ones (Other Peoples Music)
ROUGH TRADE - Bodies in Collision (True North)

Here is an abbreviated set based on what was a more elaborate set of bands that made up this Death Side family tree. 

DEATH SIDE - Act For Self (Nuclear/R)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Born In Japan (Way Back When/Even Worse)
FORWARD - Sacrifice (Hardcore Victim)

Tonight's demo feature is form Chicago and features a band called Safety Word. You can download the band's demo at band camp. We played the songs out of order but we did fit it all in.

SAFETY WORD - Decisions (Self-Released)
SAFETY WORD - Fun Punishment (Self-Released)
SAFETY WORD - I want out (Self-Released)
SAFETY WORD - Public Humiliation (Self-Released)
SAFETY WORD - Trust Issues (Self-Released)

You can download the MP3 of the show here.

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  1. Great to hear some familiar voices--funny how Rose Tattoo and AC/DC are mentioned, I'm surrounded by it down under!