Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Pub Night studio 3 session

It was our first blast at winter. It snowed yesterday for the first of the season and it is supposed to snow again tomorrow, but today we get a little reprieve from precipitation. To be honest I can't get the  Asta Kask "Med Is I Magen" cover out of my head. If only the snow were to stick around. But it is too early in the season for accumulation. Anyway loading in during the cold is never pleasant and makes you asks those questions why am I still doing this until you realize that some of these guys are your best friends and you never get to see them anymore. I have known Paul the longest. He played drums in the first real band that I ever got to play in. We were housemates for many years and he let me participate in a zine he did called Drastic Solutions. But Paul  is more currently known as the guitarist in Legion666 where he got to explore his kang side. he is back to playing drums in Pub Night.

Pat, played bass in the Blundermen, which was a band that was SLF inspired and I put out a 10" of theirs on my label Ragamuffin Soldier Records. Paul played in a band with Pat before that called Kops for Christ that Gusher Records released. More recently Pat is in an oi inspired band called Overpower that have never gotten to see because half of them are from Montreal and so making that band work has its challenges. We have talked about having them play on the show but scheduling became a nightmare that neither of us broached. But I do think that Overpower was an inspiration for this new band in remaining the front man.These are the gruffest vocals I have ever heard Pat do. And this is the first time I have heard him play guitar.

I know Ian from further back than his Blowhard days but Blowhard is what I remember him in being in. The interview reveals more band's that Ian has played in and some with some combination of these people.

I saw Pub Night in the spring opening for the Angelic Upstarts. I spoke to them that night about coming on the radio show. Six months later it is happening.

I was surprised to learn that Joel had joined the band. Not only did I not realize they had added a member since their first show, but I would have never guessed it would have been Joel because I have never pictured Joel as being into early 80's oi music. But why not Joel. He had played in Rammer as a lick master. He plays in Absolut currently. I knew he liked straight edge music, so it shouldn't be a shock that he would like and master this too. But Joel has just joined so he is working out where he fits in. So this is one of those rare early recordings by a band. Ian Wilkinson recorded tonight's session. The songs recorded include:

1. The Bottle
2. Another Round
3. Skins in Law
4. Panic
5. Last Call
6. Going down the bar (Wretched Ones cover)

Then we did a bunch of station IDs:

7. It's Pub Night on CIUT
8. It's Pub Night on CIUT in Espanol
9.  Equalizing Distort ID

And there were a lot of camera angles for this session by Candy and Aldo. I believe this is Candy's first attempt at editing the session. And Candy also shot photos while holding two videocameras which was insane to watch. She is a juggler.

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