Sunday, August 31, 2014

Radio - Sunday, August 31st, 2014

Tonight's show featured loads of new music. You can download an MP3 of the show here.

PISSING MATCH - Patches (Self-Released)

PREGNANCY SCARE - Rattus Rattus (Self-Released)
NAAHMAK - Nec Hodie Morir (Self-Released)
NERVOUS TALK - Hit the Town (Mammoth Cave)
B-LINES - Dryer Fire (Self-Released)
THE CRUCIFUCKS - Marching for Trash (Alternative Tentacles)
INSTITUTE - Dead Sea (Deranged)
HUSKER DU - Do You Remember (Unreleased)

GAS CHAMBER - Septillion (Iron Lung)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Luke (Painkiller)
SPERM - Atomized, Automatized, Homicide (Self-Released)
COLUMN OF HEAVEN - Buried Secrets (SPHC)

This is a set of bands with the name AK-47. The first is from Texas, the second from Croatia and the third from Victoria. 

AK-47 - The Badge Means You Suck (Pineapple)
AK-47 - Crno crvene brigade (DHPak47)
AK-47 - Free Palestine - Victoria (Self-Released)

This is a set of blaring Steve Jones like guitar songs. 

HARD SKIN - Council Estate (JT Classics)
SEX PISTOLS - Liar (Warner Brothers)
X ______ X - You're Full of Shit (Drome)
ARABENS ANUS - Hjältar går först (Skvaller)
ARSON - Pretty Girls (CIUT)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Restless Heart (Stumble)

NON SERVIUM - Canción de Amor (Parabellum)
TOY DOLLS - Stay Mellw (Sanctuary / Captain Oi!)
TEMPLE TUTOR - Throwin the baby out with the bathwater (Stiff)
BERURIER NOIR - L'Empereur Tomato-Ketchup II (Bondage)
TRANZMITORS - Jimmy's at the mod shop (Longshot / No Front Teeth)

CHARLES HåRFAGER - De Andras Sorg (Kamel)
BRUSET - Rik och Lycklig (Self-Released)
THE SECRETS - Rock Music (Bomb)
ACTION SEDITION - Nous Ne Reculerons Pas (Rebel Time)
GRUMP - Talking Property Blues (Self-Released)

HASSLER - Love this Job / Imprisoned / Affluenza / Never Gonna Stop (Deranged)
HAG FACE - Worst Nightmare (Self-Released)
WORST GIFT - Hand Washing as a Fpormality (Self-Released)
NO PROBLEM - Talking to myself / We got Secrets (Deranged)

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