Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hangin' Tuff studio 3 session

It is the hottest day of the summer. That isn't saying much given that there haven't been any hot days this summer, but we finally got some hard to take humidity. It must be a studio 3 session.

I meet Hangin' Tuff for the first time on the steps of Hart House. They are a three piece without a bass player. Daryl (vocals) and Andy (drums) are from East York and have been playing with each other since high school. Lee (guitar) is from Timmins and came down to Toronto to do art school and met up with them two years ago to form a band called Dead Moms. They changed their name to the New kids on the Block reference and play geared up fast hardcore in the grind vein. They have played two shows in Toronto and two shows out of town but relatively they are unknown. They recorded a demo that was recorded at their rehearsal space at the beginning of the year. We got to record those songs again with multiple mics. Here is what we recorded:

1. Crystal Ball 
2. Ogie
3. Rage Cage
4. Club Rat
5. Pony Ride
6. Hit the Ice

We also recorded some IDs found below.

Rage Cage ID
Crystal Ball ID
Heard it First ID

All the audio was recorded by Ian Wilkinson. 

And Aldo from Punks and rockers video taped the session.

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