Sunday, August 10, 2014

Radio - Sunday, August 10th, 2014

Here is last night's show. All music. Very little talk. Good mixed tape fodder. Listen above or take it with you in an MP3 download.

BOOGIE NAZIS - Wild Summer Fun (Self-Released)

GENERACION SUICIDA - Mil Amores (Self-Released)
ACCIDENTE - Las victorias más bellas (Self-Released)
UNBELIEVERS - Wish I Was That Girl (Self-Released)
THE BAYONETTES - Stuck In This Rut (Deranged)
X-RAY SPEX - Plastic Bag (EMI / Virgin)

POINTED STICKS - True Lve (Sudden Death)
SHOCKS - Havin' Party (Dirty Faces)
RIOTSTAR - Born Wrong (Self-Released)
SLöA KNIVAR - Stay dirty (Self-Released)
SS-KALIERT - Sucht (Maniac Attack)
THIRD WORLD CHAOS - You (Pinatubo)

CAREERS IN SCIENCE - Pity the Artist (Self-Released)
BOMBSITE - Convenient Face (Slumptown Printers)
SOULSIDE - Bad Show (Dischord)
MINUTEMEN - My heart and the real world (SST)
OPERATION IVY - Bankshot (Lookout)

SKEEZICKS - We are the Skeezicks (X-Mist)
SIEKIERA - Krwawy Front (Self-Released)
GENETIC CONTROL - Suburban Life (Genetic)
U.X.VILEHEADS - Catch 22 (Sorry State / Adult Crash)
JFA - Cokes And Snickers (Placebo)
THE NECKTIES - Tech Is Over (Self-Released)

THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Planting Seeds And Digging Graves (Rust and Machine)
KOMPLOTT - Casa Lavoro Cimitero (Complotto Autoproduzioni)
ABSOLUT - No Single Tear (CIUT)
S.H.I.T. - Human Kindness (Self-Released)
THE SENTENCED - Society (Self-Released)
BASTARDS - Harhaa (Propaganda)
HARHAA - Forced Insulation (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Club Rat (Self-Released)

PENETRATION - Don't Dictate (Virgin)
THE LURKERS - Ain't got a clue
SOFT BOYS - (I want to be an) Anglepoise Lamp (Radar)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Alternative Ulster (Rough Trade)
BUZZCOCKS - Love you More (United Artists)

BRAINIACS - Suzie's so unsure (Mental Health)
THE DAMNED - so Messed Up (Stiff)
REAL KIDS - Rave On (Red Star)

GBH - Kids Get Down (Hellcat)
LEPERS - Can't Get there from here (Unclean)
BLITZKRIEG - Future must be ours (Retch)
BREAD AND WATER - Beyond this Moment (Burrito)
INFEZIONE - Gazzo per corvello (Agipunk)
F.U.G. - Hate the Cops (Buffalo '66)
FIGHT BACK - Punk Punkerima (Mamma)

DEAD KENNEDYS - Kidnap (Unreleased)


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