Sunday, August 24, 2014

Radio - Sunday, August 24th, 2014

Tonight's broadcast featured lots of music. Here is the playlist. You can download the show here or listen on the player above. 

TRAGEDY - The Grim Infinite (Feral Ward)

PLATIUNM BLONDE - No Regrets (Other Folks Punk Rock)
EBBA GRON - Turist I Tillvaron (Mistlur)
KILLING JOKE - Complications (E.G.)
EX-PISTOLS - Schools are Prisons (S.T.P.)
PAGANS - Dead End America (Drome)

P.F. COMMANDO - Get Fucked (Ugly Pop)
THE WIPERS - Nome Noma (Meanbeam)
GANG OF FOUR - Damaged Goods (EMI)
PIGZ - Bloody Belgium (Ugly Pop)
STIV BATORS - A million miles awa (Bomp)

BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Why The Beard (P. Trash)
TV FREAKS - Think (Schizophrenic)
NAUGHTY GIRLS - Cheap Leather (Self-Released)
TEENANGER - SLW (Telephone Explosion)

VICTIM PARTY - An evening with Colin (Self-Released)
MURACLE WORKERS - Already Gone (Bomp)
PANDORAS - Melvyn (Voxx)
DMZ - You're gonna miss me (Voxx)
CIRCLE JERKS - Wasted (Frontier)

LOS MONJO - Mexicanos al grito de mierda (Solo Para Punks)
DANGEROUS RHYTHM - The Bar (Self-Released)
PUTAS MIERDA - Autodestrcion (Todo Destruccio)
La URSS - Sangre Joven (Bowery)
LOS CARRENEROS - Unidad Lucha Y Equidad (Punk Salvaje)

IDLE MINDS - Bleed (Self-Released)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Shit (Painkiller)
S.H.I.T. - Generation Shit (Lengua Armada)
SORE THROAT - Born Again Christian (Acid Rain)
SPAZZTIC BLURR - ABC's (Self-Released)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Scare Tactics (Grand Theft Audio)
SCARE TACTIC - Step Right up (Solomon Method)

DEAD MECHANICAL - Watchpost (Toxic Pop)
MISSELIJK - To All My Friends (Broel Utt)
THE CAPITALIST KIDS - What have you got to hide (Toxic Pop)
HOSTAGE LIFE - This song was written by committee (Underground Operations)
BLAKE - No Vote (Blue Skies Turn Black)
FUGAZI - Sieve Fisted Find (Dischord)
STIFF LITTLE FINGERS - Bloody Sunday (Rough Trade)

Tonight's demo feature is a new Toronto group called Hangin' Tuff. You can download this demo at bandcamp

HANGIN' TUFF - Hit the Ice (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Rage Cage (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Pony Ride (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Club Rat (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Crystal Ball (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Ghost Moms (Self-Released)
HANGIN' TUFF - Hit the Ice (Self-Released)

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