Sunday, August 17, 2014

Radio - Sunday, August 17th, 2014

The opening song is dedicated to the people of Ferguson who have to endure attacks at the hands of those who are sworn to protect them. Police violence becomes a running theme throughout the show as the situation continues to get worse. You can download the show as an MP3 or listen on the player above.

WILD MOHICANS - Police Violence (Self-Released)

BETERCORE - Punk Is Verzet! (Sxetan Collective)
R.A.M.B.O. - If Our Leaders Are Impotent Only The People Can Rise (Havoc)
REGLATIONS - Baghdad Beach Party (P Trash / Ny Vag)
CAREER SUICIDE - Cherry Beach (Sewercide)
YOUTH YOUTH YOUTH - Blue Stain (Fringe)

This set is inspired by a number of things. One is G.I.S.M. 's nspiration on the Toronto sound. The second is the amazing Sofistifucks video which has just been released. A third is a new recording by Absolut. Lots of great music coming from Toronto at the moment. Here is the Sofistifucks video. 

G.I.S.M. - Endless Blockades for the Pussyfooter (Dogma)
S.H.I.T. - The Stimulator (Iron Lung)
THE SOFISTIFUCKS - Vincible (Rust and Machine)
ABSOLUT - Fucking Pain (Self-Released)
UNCURBED - Framtids Visioner (Sound Pollution)

EPPU NORMAALI - Kekkonen rock (Poko)
NEGATIVE GAIN - Sitation All Fucked Up (Pusmort)
NAPOLEAN DYNAMITE - Heute backen wir Brot
TOY DOLLS - Livin the Vida Loca (Receiver / Captain Oi!)

NO PROBLEM - The Controller (Deranged)
BISHOPS GREEN - Tumbling Down (Rebellion)
EMERGENCY - Johnny's coming home (Self-Released)
KNUCKLEHEAD - Shotdown in 1989 (Longshot)
SKUNX - Law and Order (CIUT)

FALSE PROPHETS - Good Clean Fun (Worn Out Brothers)
DESTRUCKTIONS - Piiritys (Rock-O-Rama)
AGRESSION - Calling For You (Mystic)
SNOB - 1,2 Sniff Glue (Hardware)
CONUNDRUM - Drained (Self-Released)
MAD MEN - The Neighbourhood (Self-Released)

THE FANS - Givin' me that look (Fried Egg)
IAN DURY AND THE BLOCKHEADS - Billericay Dickie (Stiff)
THE NOW - The Shape of things to come (Raw)
THE ZIPS - Take Me Down (Sing Sing)
STRIKE - Teenage Rebel (Sing Sing)
WASTELAND - Bombsite Baby (Ellie Jay)

BAD INFLUENCE - War's No Fun (Self-Released)
STATE - No Illusions (Self-Released)
THE DISAPPOINTMENTS - Trash Fever (Ice PIck Production)
ADRENALIN O.D. - Old People Talk Loud (Buy Our)
ANTI CIMEX - Krossa N.R.P.

Tonight's demo feature is a new band from Hamilton called SYSTEM SYSTEM. The band features Grant and Nathan from Gunnar Hansen, and Jon of Black Eyes Club and Never Trust. Self-described for influences from the Wipers and Husker Du the demo is available through bandcamp at

SYSTEM SYSTEM - Storyteller (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Brain Damage (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Spectre (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Apparition (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Etinction Event (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Oblivious (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Derd (Self-Released)
SYSTEM SYSTEM - Urge to Kill Rising (Self-Released)

WEAK LINK - Kill / Control (Self-Released)

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