Monday, February 25, 2013

Radio - Sunday, February 24th, 2013

Here is the download for this week's show. The intro to the Culture Shock song made us forego our regular Mr Roger's introduction. The Culture Shock song comes from the band's first demo made available through the discography collection named "Everything".

CULTURE SHOCK - No Chance in a Million (Bluurg)

Last week we did the Top 10 for January and it was a month late so I thought we would be on ball with February's list.
KRIGSKONTRAST – Konfrontera (Not Enough / Halvfabrikat)
AGITATED - I need my fix (Helta Skelta)
NAPALM HEARTS – Expletive deleted (Helta Skelta)
ROYAL RED BRIGADE – Sickness (Self-Released) (Bandcamp)
FEJLFIX – Last inde (Spaghetti Cassetti / Pop & Sandals)
INSTINTO – Monstruos (Hysterical / Angry Voice / Grito o Muere / Mass Productions / Svodoba)
THE BRISTLES - Holiday in Thailand (Heptown / Noise of Sweden)
FORWARD – War and Death Sentence (Prank)
PURITY CONTROL – Walking Distance (High Anxiety)
DAMAGE – Time Flies (Gaphals)

Music from Belgium and Norway amidst a world premier of the Bad Skin single played from a test pressing. There is an intersting tie in to the FLQs show coming up and Steve Leckie's ongoing health problems. We hope you do better with this treatment Steve.
RAXOLA - 84 Man (Radio Heartbeat)
AKUTT INNLEGGELSE - De Dode Vakner (BCT / Schizophrenic)
THE EAT - Silly Drug Song (Redrum)
BAD SKIN - Flame Job (Bad Vibrations)
VILETONES - Little Girl (Other Peoples Music)
RED KROSS - Standing (Posh Boy)

Here is a set of women in the comtpemprary punk scene.
NUCLEAR BLAST SUNTAN - Stampede / Death Ride (Aborted Society)VENGEANCE - You Breathe (Self-Released)
CHEAP ART - No More Hiding (Self-Released)
CURMUDGEON - Infallible (To Live a Lie)
NECKLACING - Disease (Self-Released)
RAT STORM - Flex your heart (Reality is a cult)
MOMS ON METH - History repeats itself (Offside)
BRIDGE - Red Hands (Self-Released)

This set was put togeither based on the posthumous Heratys release. We tried to play some bands that raged as hard with new releases.
CRUCIAL SECTION - Geriatric Union (Crew for Life)
ENDLESS GRINNING SKULLS - Bullshit Defender (Viral Age)
HERATYS - Kaikkitannehetinyt (La Familia)
DESPERAT - Bandlogga (Beach Impediment Records)
BORN UGLYS - Exposer (Prank)

WILD CHILD - Genie (Fashionable Idiots)
LEPERS - Flipout (Drome)
BLACK RAINBOW - Broomfields (Thrillhouse)
GUILTY RAZORS - I don't wanna be rich (Redrum)
TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
ZEROS - Don't push me around (Bomp)

RIOT SQUAD - In the future (Captain Oi!)
FROM ASHES RISE - Rejoice the end (Southern Lord)
ATTACK SS - Ideal future (Distort Reality)
DIR YASSIN - Oza forgotten place (Tofu Gorilla)
CERVIX - Death Culture (Video Disease)
ITANSHA - Isolation (Life Sucker)
DEFORMITY - Force Fed (Self-Released)

A set of Finnish hardcore
VARIX - Decay (Self-Released)
DESTRUCTION - Keno (Hardcore Holocaust)
FUCKING FINLAND - Loputon Sota (Turun Palo)
KONTALON LAPSET - Senkijajenkka (Self-Released)
VARAUS - Vasynyt Noyrtynaan (Feral Ward)

The demo feature is a great new band from Halifax featuring members of Genetic Angry and Concrete Asylum among others. You can find the demo at
GRUMP - Imminent Premontion (Self-Released)
GRUMP - Devil's Agenda (Self-Released)
GRUMP - Empty Lungs (Self-Released)
GRUMP - Lethal Threshold (Self-Released)
GRUMP - SPQR (Tribal Hangover) (Self-Released)

DISSENSION - Blackout (Bad Idea Music)

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  1. Hi dudes!!
    Just about the INSTINTO lp my label is called SVOBODA Records and not "svodoba"!!Ahahah!!!
    Svoboda in a lot of central or east european languages "freedom"..Svobodna ,svoboda,svobona it depends where you're in Czech,slovenia,russia,ukrainia....
    But you're right this lp is totally killer!!!