Monday, February 18, 2013

Radio - Sunday, February 17th, 2013

You can download this show, which started off with a cover of the cartoon theme "Roadrunner". 

BLOODY HELLS – Roadrunner (Self-Released)

We started back in with a look at the best releases to come out in January 2013.
PROTESTANT – Jan Palach (Chaos Rurale / Halo of Flies)
BETTER TIMES – Powder Keg (Commitment)
MARCEL DUCHAMP - Eucaristia (Maspunk / Les nain aussi / Vaillent Fred)
DISHONOURABLE DISCHARGE – Nightmare Visions / Can Peace Exist? (Vex)
TERVEET KADET – Naulattu (Kamaset Levyt)
HAISTELIJAT – Annelia (Joteskii Grotteskii / Nuuhkaja)
LIFECHAIN – 1513 (Financial Ruin)
D-CLONE – M.K.P.F. (540)
HASSLER – Nothing for Nothing (Schizophrenic)

TEENAGE X - Chelsea Horror Hotel (Beav's)
COLD WARPS - Slimer (Self-Released)
ATTENTION! - When life hands you lemmings (Self-Released)
WHITE WIRES - Pogo til I puke tonight (Ugly Pop)
THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLE - Make you understand (Hozac)

RED CROSS - Annette's got the hits (Posh Boy)
WARSONG - Feel the Darkness (Doomtown)
VORKRIEGSJUGEND - Diebombe (Todd Pogos)
VAARINKASITYS - Julma Koulem (Kamaset Levyt)
KANGRENA - La Cabra (Self-Released)

PREGNANCY SCARES – Point Forty Four (Deranged)
BILL BONDSMEN - Things Fall Apart (Self-Released)
TOTAL TRASH – The Last Man (Deranged)
COMA – Burden (Self-Released)
IRON FIST – For the Patrol (Self-Released)
RIOTS – We’re all slaves (Self-Released)

PAINTBOX - Crty Baby (Ugly Pop / HG Fact)
ECONOCHRIST - More to this life (Very Small)
NOMIND - Checking the Obituaries (Lone Wolf)
PAGANS - Multiple Personalities (Treehouse)
IDLE MINDS - Gin and Death (Hozac)

STOIC VIOLENCE - Fight them all / Wretched Existence (Katorga Works)
JUMP OFF A BUILDING - Left Out (Self-Released)
FINNISTERRE - Nights of Fear (Self-Released)
DISEASE - Another Nuclear Age (Self-Released)
INCRUST - Time to Act (Self-Released)
DEEF - War (Mass)
BRUDTE LEFTER - Ung, dom and desperat (Gummopunx)
BIRTH DEFORMITIES - Feel like shit (Cowabunga)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Doggy Style (Deranged)
URBAN BLIGHT - War (Slasher)
RAH - Don't Mean Much (Climbin' Aboard)
KOSZMAR - I na co? (Self-Released)

Tonight's demo feature is from Halifax. I learned about them from Jon Sharron of Hassler. I was speaking with him about the artist who did the artwork for the cover of the "Asphyxiate" ep and he plays in Abject Pax. He also plays in Concrete Asylum. You can find the Abject Pax demo at bandcamp.

ABJECT PAX - Untitled (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Weakness (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Abject Pax (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Ratzinger (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Burial Rites (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Science Fiction (Self-Released)
ABJECT PAX - Parody (Self-Released)

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