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ABYSS - Coven of the Blood Stalker (Dark Descent)

This first set starts out with this great new power violence/fastcore band from Dortmund, Germany. Asta Kask's 12" was just re-issued by Prank and is the most sold release, but the cover of the band knee deep in snow struck me as Toronto is knee deep in snow. CITIZENS PATROL do a SEEIN' RED cover, which is one of their few songs in Dutch. The SNIFFIN' GLUE song is inspired by the Carnival parades and a story I saw in the news about an injury today in Rio. And I bookened the set with another cover this time by GOVERNMENT FLU doing a cover of an old Polish band named ABBADON who just had an LP re-released by Warsaw Pact.

DIE EULE IM BART DES JUDAS - Asphalt Affe (Spastic Fantastic)
ASTA KASK - Den Enes Brod (Prank)
CITIZENS PATROL -Diktatuur van de wekker (Way Back When / Spastic Fantastic / Too Circle) - Seein Red cover
SNIFFING GLUE - Masquerade (Searching for Fame)

Studio 3 session
I saw ABYSS two years ago opening up for BASTARD NOISE. I have been talking to Rob about trying to get them in to record a set. ABYSS feature members of COLUMN OF HEAVEN and PURITY CONTROL and a former member of LEGION666. ABYSS are a five piece grind band that take themes of splatter-core and apply it to evolutionary theory. This is what they are working on as a follow up to "Accursed Followers and "The Reins of Horror". The devolution has begun. Here is the set during the Abyss interview.
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Die Burning (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Purity Negation (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Napalm Death (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - The Final Blood Bath (Self-Released)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Sickening Prophecies (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - When death mates with life (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Heretical Anatomy (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Splatterhouse (Dark Descent)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Rotting from without (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Blood Urges (CIUT)
ABYSS - Interview (CIUT)
ABYSS - Flesh cult (CIUT)

LAMA - Paskaa (Johanna)
MECHT MENSCH - Land of the Brave (Bone Air)
NIHILISTICS - You're to Blame (Brain Eater)
THE SCROUNGERS - Fuck Right Off (Self-Released)

DIE HARD - Waiting (Self-Released)
CHAIN REACTION - No Way Out (Belfogor)

BASTARDS - Kapiaiset (Propaganda)

YLIVULLAN ORJAT - Ylivalloi Orja (Self-Released)
BED BOYS - Violanzano (Suomi di pace)
ATTENTAT - Ge Fan I Mej (Rykkran)

It has been 9 years since FORWARD's last full length and this one seems particularly inspired by the events in Fukushima. There was a recent interview in MRR with FORWARD that also makes sense out of the Japanese scene in its heyday. That was followed up by North America's answer to a burning spirits band NIGHTBRINGER. We played the song with a French title. That was followed up by two Japanese bands that were just in North America D-CLONE and ZYANOSE.

FORWARD - Resist (Prank)
NIGHTBRINGER - Au Revoir (High Anxiety)
D-CLONE - Living in Chaos (540)
ZYANOSE - Slack Time (540)

The demo feature is a new straight edge band from Glasgow with a sense of humour in the spirit of Nation of Finks. The band features former members of ATOMGEVITTER. Some of the highlights for me are the four second tribute to COCKNEY REJECTS' "East End" in "Crouchy" and the same sort of tribute to GO! with "G.G.G.G." One letter short from a cover. The rest are originals and can be found at

xSAXONx - In the Night (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Fair Trade (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Religious Fraud (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Diamonds and Crust (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Breaking the Edge (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Crouchy (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Take it Back (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - G.G.G.G. (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Screaming for Breakfast (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Defenders of the Faith (Self-Released)
xSAXONx - Power and the Glory (Self-Released)

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