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Radio - Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

This is the program for Equalizing-X-Distort on Superbowl Sunday and I had just heard an interview with Malcolm Gladwell equating the NFL to a bloodsport with regards to dementia so I started out with 7 Seconds "I Hate Sports", for which the lyrics of the song start out "I hate football games".

In Toronto, our Mayor is in the midst of his latest scandal, this one regarding election overspending, so we started off the show with bands that have written about the Rob Ford influence on this city.

Ivan starts out a set with a band from Mexico and also plays the Hygiene single which features a guy from the Toronto scene on vocals. He also gets the Feederz and the Comes and the Damned in a set.

Rob profiles the latest Ugly Pop garage series releases. Bands like A Passing Fancy and Northwest Company.

There was a second setbased around current events but more of an international nature looking at the Superbowl, the Idle No More protest at Lansdowne and Dupont, The escalating war in Syria, and the tech stories with RIM and Twitter. It is my version of "Riffing the News".

D'Arcy did a set of hard hitting hardcore.

Ivan did a second setof classics, this time playing Systematic Death and Icons of Filth and the Chiefs.

Rob did a set with Steel Pole Bathtub covering Cheap Trick.

7 SECONDS - I Hate Sports (To the Positive Youth)

DIRECT APPROACH - Unaffordable (Self-Released)
WASTOIDS - My Toronto (Self-Released)
SCHOOL JERKS - Problems (Bad Vibrations / Grave Mistake)
HASSLER - Pig Pen (Schizophrenic)
VIOLENT FUTURE - Government Takeover (Self-Released)
URBAN BLIGHT - Cut Back (Slasher)

LOS MONJOS - Los Margaritos - Canibalismo en Africa (Cintaspete)
URINALS - I'm a Bug (Bootleg)
HYGIENE - L'Hygiene (Sorry State)
THE COMES - Wa-Ka-Me (Bootleg)
UK SUBS - C.I.D. (Cherry Red)
DAMNED - Machine Gun Etiquette (Chiswick)

POW WOWS - Killing Me (Get Hip)
IN-SECT - I can see my love (Ugly Pop)
NORTHWEST COMPANY - Get Away from it all (Ugly Pop)
A PASSING FANCY - I'm Losing Tonight (Ugly Pop)
MASTER'S APPRENTICES - War or hands of time (Ugly Pop)

PROPAGANDHI - Superbowl Patriot XXXVI (G7 Welcoming Committee)
THE FALLOUT - Trail of Tears (Longshot)
ONE BLOOD - Indian Summer (Gern Blandsten)
CRASS - Major Generals Despair (Crass)
PICK YOUR SIDE - Plug in Generation (A389)

ARSON ANTHEM - Hammer them out
EVIL ARMY - Scum of the Earth
FINAL EXIT - Emptiness a virtue
LAST RITES - Out of on monts (Taang)

REPROBATES - Abandoned City (No Way)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Japanese title (Partners in Crime)
ICONS OF FILTH - Power for Power (Get Back)
CHIEFS - Tower 18 (Dr. Strange)
CHIN CHIN - World's Burning (Mississippi)
FATAL MICROBES - Beautiful Pictures (Crass)
WOMYNS PRYSYN - John Titor's Blues (Scavenger of Death)

STIKKY - The scene has suffered, part2 (Pintonium AG)
STEEL POLE BATHTUB - Surrender (Man's Ruin)
TV FREAKS - Pusher (Scion)
SUBWAY SECT - Ambition (Rough Trade)
SPASTICS - Cherry Pop (Rip Off)

LOST BOYS - Are you with me? (Still Holding On)
GARY - Hell's around the corner (Dan-Doh)
BLUE HEARTS - Japanese title (Meldac)

Demo Feature
A new raw-punk band from Toronto featuring former members of RAMMER, SAIGON DISTRESS SIGNAL, and CITY SWEETHEARTS.

ABSOLUT - Insane Power (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - No Single Tear (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Dirty Grave (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Martyr Fuckoff (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - No Card (Self-Released)
ABSOLUT - Thieves in Law (Self-Released)

You can hear the demo at or you can write the band at

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