Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Abyss studio 3 session

It was a cold night and the band was waiting for me in the parking strip that is known as 89.5 Tower Road. I know Rob because we were roomates and I know Dave from Rammer and Column of Heaven. But Ethan, Junior, and Max were new. I had seen Max play with Purity Control at the recent Not Dead Yet and they were incredible. Ethan had made a joke with his band and the song "Purity Negation" below. Anyway, tonight was the realization of trying to get Abyss to CIUT since I had first seen them in their opening slot for Bastard Noise two years ago. The band has recorded two cassettes worth of material since then and is working on a full length. This was a good chance to catch them becuase the conceptual ideas of working themselves out. Some of these song titles are working titles but here is a sneak peak at their next release.....

1. Die Burning
2. Napalm Death
3. Purity Negation
4. Sickening Prophecies

5. When death mates with life
6. Blood Urges

7. Flesh Cult
8. Heretical Anatomy
9. Rotting from Without
10. EXD ID

This session was also documented by video thanks to Aldo Erdic of Punks and Rockers. Below is a medley put together of some of the above mentioned songs....

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