Monday, July 25, 2011

Unruled "Time is Running Out" ep

I never got to hear this when it first came out. UNRULED were one of the greats from the Montreal hardcore scene and the U2/SKIDS intro to “Time is Running Out” throws one, but after the intro the band kicks it into GENETIC CONTROL raging tempo and it never lets up for the duration of this record. So what did GENETIC CONTROL sound like? “Clear the Pigs Out” is a good example. Part DISCHARGE, part NEGATIVE APPROACH is how I would boil it down. It is a lot more complicated than that but if I were to simplify it for the uninitiated. And that is no coincidence as the drummer on this recording went on to play for GENETIC CONTROL.

The sound quality on this re-issue sounds better than the drop the needle job that got tacked onto “Butchers of Warfare”. This is a precious lost gem that Schizophrenic has dusted off and fits right in with the other re-issues that the label has done for the YOUNG LIONS and SONS OF ISHMAEL. And they included a previously unreleased song recorded at the same session called “Clear the Pigs Out” so the re-issue has an extra song. (Schizophrenic Records –

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