Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tarantuja “Do Not Resuscitate” CD

TARANTUJA are a new band from Edmonton. The band features two members from the former LET’S DANCE. However there is no upbeat melodic fused roots punk in TARANTUJA. This is some classic crossover in the vein of DFA or BEYOND POSESSION. Thick chugging riffage with a raging pace and vocals that make you think of early RKL. It is totally in line with bands like REHASHED and POSER DISPOSER or even FRATRICIDE and the DAYGLO ABORTIONS. Crossover is alive and well and living in northern Alberta. I wonder what the rig pigs think of that. Not much probably. (Unrest Records – 10654 – 82 nd Avenue, Suite 239 / Edmonton, AB / 76E 2A7 / Canada)

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