Monday, July 18, 2011

Radio - Sunday, July 17, 2011

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BLACK DONNELLYS - Anything and Everything (Audio Fellatio)
ADOLESCENTS - Amoeba (Frontier)
SONICS - Psycho (Norton)
BUM - Here Comes the Magic (Lance Rock)
TEENGENERATE - A Promise is a Promise (Lance Rock)

DIE KREUZEN - All White (Touch and Go)
WOLFPACK - Urge To Kill (Farewell)
MEATMEN - (Touch and Go)
WASTED YOUTH - Teenage Nark (ICI Productions)

ATOMSMASHERS - Alright (Rip Off)
GAUNT - Quality of Armor (Bag of Hammers)
TOKYO KNIVES - I Keep Thinking About You (Wrench)
LEATHER UPPERS - Bigger Than a Breadbox (Goner)

CITIZENS ARREST - Activate (Wardance)
HUSKER DU - Afraid of Being Wrong (SST)
YADOKAI -Death to the Wretched
ANIMAL FACES - Aesthetics
ORCHID - Action Index (Ebullition)
PIG DESTROYER - Alcatraz Metaphor - (Relapse)
AMPERE - The Regulator (Youth Attack)
UNHOLY THOUGHTS - Whiskey, Weed, Girls and Speed

THE UNDEAD - In Eighty Four (Shock)
T.S.O.L. - Wash Away (Alternative Tentacles)
DEAD KENNEDYS - Chemical Warfare
THE MISFITS - Teenagers From Mars (Plan 9)
MURDER CITY DEVILS - 18 Wheels (Sub Pop)
TERRIBLE FEELINGS - Death To Everyone (Sabotage/Lack of Sleep)

RED MASS - Freak Show (HoZac)
THE GIRLS - Lord Auch (HoZac)

SHUT EYES - Head Cold
SLOBS - The Slob
OMEGAS - Gimme Oblivion (Deranged)
WUGAZI - Floating Labels

WASTOIDS - (We Are The) Wastoids Crew
WASTOIDS - Hoop Dreams
WASTOIDS - I Don't Like You (Skrewdriver cover)

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