Friday, July 8, 2011

Madmen ep

MAD MEN is a side project that Jonah Falco does by himself where he explores his inner Italian side. There is no ode to the ad exec show or Jersey Shore, although most time meshed shirts are involved. But there is a nod to early Italian hardcore and other things Italian. Like the intro “Suspiria” which is the soundtrack to a Dario Argento film. This leads into a song about the Italian flag. The intro to this song starts off like a tough guy intro, which I believe is some of the original idea of this project. So musically Jonah fuses tough guy New York hardcore with the Furious Years of Italian hardcore and I think it is to some great effect. So when this is not sounding like quirky soundtrack music or SICK OF IT ALL it is sounding like a INDIGESTI meets PEGGIO PUNX. So although this is a little slow out of the blocks the build up is worth the crazy way both “The Italian Flag” and “The Myth” end.  (Slasher Records – 109 Perth Avenue / Toronto, ON / M6P 3N2 / Canada)

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