Saturday, June 4, 2011

Update: Saturday, June 4, 2011

More Studio 3 sessions have gone up which include:

-Saigon Distress Signal recorded a session in April 2005 that you can now hear at Riot Brigade from Hamilton had a slight crossover sound. They recorded this awesome session at the old studio that you can now download at
- Cobra Noir, who were from Montreal and had that emo-crust sound that the Swarm had at
- Boulevard Trash who were Toronto's answer to the Exploding Hearts recorded a session in 2006. There session is now up at
- Brown Belt are a band from Barrie that has changed their name to Generation Hexed. The band is made up of ex-members of Sons of Ishmael, BSL, and Flecks of Drool. Their studio 3 session is available for download at
- The Nymphets from Montreal showed up one night with Bob Burns and the Breakups so we recorded both bands live from the floor because we didn't have time to pre-record a proper session. But that's how we used to do it in the old days. Anyway the Nymphets session is up at They remind me of a Ramones fans doing a lo fi hybrid of the Exploding Hearts and Jonathon Richmond.
- The Restarts from the UK played on the show when they were playing here for the "Outsider" tour. They recorded a session the night they landed and it is up here under the night we broadcast the session -
- a set of originals was recorded by the Screwed and can be pulled down at The band is a set of scene veterans paying homage to the original wave of punk. The band features Steve Saint from the Sinisters, Steve Koch from the Viletones / Demics, John Borra of Neon Rome, and Cleave Anderson of Battered Wives / Tyranna fame.
- The Vatican Chainsaw Massacre session was recorded at the beginning of 2009. You can download the files from
- 63 Monroe are an incredible band from London, Ontario and part of the incredible story is that they are still active as a band. They recorded a session in September 21st, 2008 but the session was aired a few months later. You can get the session at
- City Sweethearts recorded a session in 2009. They were a lot more polished, but they had guys in that band that were in Riot99 and Vicious Cycle, and Action and maybe Marvelous Darlings. They did some neat covers like the Monks and the Fun Things for this set. You can hear it at

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