Monday, June 6, 2011

Radio - Sunday, June 5, 2011

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FROSTBACKS – I Hate the Bloody Queen (True North)

MUTATED EARTHLINGS - Pock Marked (Absolute Underground)

CRYSTAL MESS – Touch of Death (Self-Released)
THE ROLE MODELS – Our Scene (Absolute Underground)
CLASS OF 1984 – Gig Shoe (Bullitt)
DEATH SENTENCE – Nightmare (Lazy B)

TIMMY'S ORGANISM - Scum Revolution (Hozac)
WAX IDOLS - All You Human (Hozac)
DALAI LAMAS - I want You (Hozac)
THE PEOPLE'S TEMPLES - Led as One (Hozac)

WARHEAD – This World of Confusion (HG Fact)
FRAMTID – Curse (Self-Released)
FLOWERS OF FLESH AND BLOOD – A Bitter Pill (Tuneless)
URINARY TRACT INFECTION – Fake as Fuck (Schizophrenic)

DEVIL DOGS - Backstage (Sympathy for the Record Industry)
TEENAGE HEAD - Brand New Cadillac (Attic)
THE DIODES - Red Rubber Ball (Epic)
SOULSIDE - Ex- Lion Tamer (Sammich)
NIPDRIVERS - Have You Ever Been Mellow (Taang!)

THE SHIRKS – On Time (Grave Mistake)
DEAN DIRG – Cause I Can (Hardware)
ORDER – Nazo Nazo (HG Fact)
THE LOGJAMMERS – Hit 2 (No Patience)

FUCKED UP - Generation (Schizophrenic)
A.P.B. - Know My Name (N.R.K.)

THE TOASTERS - Teenage Tease (Bomb)
DEAD END -  Government vs. You and Me (NRK)
POINTED STICKS - Apologies (Bomb)

Demo Feature
TIED DOWN – Out of the Kitchen (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Tally (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Get Radified (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Anatomy (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Double Life (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Fifteen (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Native American Apparel (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Tied Down (Self-Released)
TIED DOWN – Anxiety (Self-Released)

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