Monday, August 14, 2006

Radio - Sunday, August 13, 2006

SUBHUMANS - Blood, Sweat, and Beers (G7 Welcoming Committee)

ICONS OF FILTH - Onward Christian Soldiers (Mortarhate)
CHARGE - Destroy the Youth (Anagram)
VOICE OF A GENERATION - An 18 Track Records (Dirty Punk)
DOWN AND AWAY - Punks Inc. (Dirty Punk)
PELIGRO SOCIAL - 20 Anos (Tank Crimes)
REAGAN YOUTH - Are You happy Now ? (New Red Archives)

ARGETTI - Santa Barbara (Goodwill)
RADIO DAYS - Here Comes the Summer (Goodwill)
THE VAPIDS - Inside Your Palace Walls (Goblin)
REGULATIONS - Hollywood Smile (Havoc)
BLACK FLAG - Nervous Breakdown (SST)
TERMINAL STATE - Iâm so Terminal (Deranged)

Studio 3 Session
BROWN BELT - Thoughts are Free (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Love Song for a Lesbian (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Can't Stand It (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Oily World (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Ain't Nothin' to Do / The List (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Getting After It (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Nothing To Say (CIUT)
BROWN BELT - Interview (CIUT)

KILBOURNE - The Revolution of Less (No List)
LOST CHERREES - Living in a Coffin (Mortarhate)
VIOLATORS - Pointless Slaughter (Captain Oi!))
THE PARTISANS - I Donât Give a Fuck (Captain Oi!)
CONFLICT - 1824 Overture (Mortarhate)
RAMONETTES - Do You Wanna Dance (Smashed)
LORRAINAS - Sticks n Stones (Self-Released)

MILK COFFEE - Get Wig Thrash (MCR Company)
S41 - Track 6 (MCR Company)
QUILL - DxMxBx Quill (625 Productions)
EL NUDO - Area 51 (You Study)
HISATAKA - Drop Z (Dan-Doh)

Demo Feature
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Return of the Posiviolence (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Headcrusha (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Sleepwalker style (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - P.O.W. M.I.A. S.O.L. (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Opiate of Yr Mass (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Life in Pictures (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - ...and Orson Wells as Unicorn a.k.a. Power (Metal) Violence (Self-Released)
THE CHILDREN'S CRUSADE - Fleshtrade (Self-Released)

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