Thursday, August 3, 2006

Brutal Knights "Feast of Shame" CD

Jon Drew recorded this at Signal to Noise. Brutal Knights are xflanzx on vocals, MsGezuz and KTGwarrior on guitars, Dmang on bass, and Sharronto on drums. Martin farkas did the second verse on "Your Fired, I Quit" and Jimmy Vapid did the layout of the CD. Deranged released this. The songs on here are:

1. The Perfect Buffet
2. I Do Nothing
3. Bikini Diet
4. Government is Asshole
5. So Weak
6. Extreme lifestyles '07
7. Information Overload
8. U.B.B.C.
9. Grow Up Throw Up
10. Your Fired, I Quit
11. Vehicle Party
12. Spoil Yourself
13. Don't Tour
14. We have a Website

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