Monday, August 28, 2006

Sunday, August 27, 2006

THE DAGDA - An Endless Betrayal (Unsociable)

SKIT SYSTEM - Den Mörka Floden I Vårt Hjärta (Havoc)
DISCHARGE - The Blood of the Innocent (Thunk)
DEATH TOKEN - Chain of Rules (Chain of Fools) (Hate)
NIGHTMARE - Self Deconstruction (Hate)
BOMBEN ALARM - Virus (Hate)

RETSEPTI - Dont Lie To Me (Supreme Echo)
CHARGE - Brave New World (Cherry Red)
RAPED - Normal (Cherry Red)
POINTED STICKS - Somebodys Mom (Sudden Death)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - Fuck me Dead (Self-Released)
THE UGLY - Murderous Adventure (Other Peoples Music)

VOETSEK - Blind Fold (Six Weeks)
KYKLOOPIEN SUKUPUUTTO - Kaupunkisotaa (Hate)
MASSGRAVE - Misinformed (Endless Sprawl)
CYNESS - Pogoslaughter (Hate)
HOMBRINUS DUDES - Hollow (Punks Before Profit$)

SHEGLANK'D SHOULDERS - Longboard Short dick / Kings and a curb (Hit the Deck)
THE DRAFTED - Never Be Like You (Lower)
SOUND CITY HOOLIGAN - United (Self-Released)
THE BLACKJACKS - Bomb Thy Neighbour (Teenage Rampage)
KLAMYDIA - Matti Nykänen on Viaton (Kraklund)
STABBED IN BACK - Everything Went Black (Basement)
DEAD PETS - Never Never (Self-Released)

SUBHUMANS - Shut Your Eyes (G7 Welcoming Committee)
THE FALLOUT - Welcome to the Mardi Gras Experience (Longshot)
HOSTAGE LIFE - The Quietest Mutiny (Undergound Operations)
THE GOOD SEED - Someone Like U (Smashed)

Top 10 August 2006
SANCTUM Halt the Machines ep - Sanctum (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
SOLDIER DOLLS CD - Dont Wanna Die (Longshot)
MANIFESTO JUKEBOX Strain LP - Gloves Come Off (Unsociable)
BRAIN HANDLE Scratching at My Skull ep - Scratching at My Skull (Fashionable Idiots)
ENDLESS BLOCKADE, THE Come Friendly Bombs ep - Cyber Stabbed in the Virtual Back (I Deal)
TRANZMITORS Some Girls ep - Some Girls (La Ti Da)
CROW Bloody Tear LP - And Death is Singing in the Wind (Prank)
BLACK DONNELLYS Lifes a Scream . Again! ep - Challenger (Audio Fellatio)
RUIN Distort/Confuse ep - Kape Kack Pain (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
VICTIMS Divide and Conquer CD - Refuse to Feed the Machine (Havoc)

POINTING FINGER - Said and Done (Good Will)
OUTBREAK - Anti Social (Bridge Nine)
HAVE HEART - About Face (Bridge Nine)
PANIC - Strength in Solitude (Bridge Nine)
BETRAYED - Betrayed (Bridge Nine)

Demo Feature
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Nuclear Family (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Moving On (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Nothing Left (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Falling (Self-Released)
NUCLEAR FAMILY - Hear This (Self-Released)

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