Sunday, June 1, 2008

Radio - Sunday, June 1, 2008

RESTARTS - Enemy’s Enemy (Active)

WHERE’S THE POPE ? - Fear of God (Resist)
SISTA SEKUNDEN - Snacka Skit (Instigate)
GERIATRIC UNIT - To Lie Cheat and Abuse (Speedstate Solid)
RUNNING FOR COVER - Ceaseless Noise of Machines (625 Productions)
SEVERE - Moloch (625 Productions)
IRON LUNG - Politics of Science (Prank)

Studio 3 Session
RESTARTS - Outsider (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Crucified (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Intelligent Design (CIUT)
RESTARTS - They’re On To You (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Timewaster (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Frustration (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Big Rock Candy Mountain (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Times Hard (CIUT)
RESTARTS - Interview (CIUT)
RESTARTS - They’re On To You (Active)

SACRED SHOCK - Double Standards (Schizophrenic)
NIGHTSTICK JUSTICE - Bite the Bullet (Even Worse)
FIX MY HEAD - Beat Me Down (Vinyl Addict)
INMATES - On the Dots (Do the World a Favor) (Kangaroo)
CRASH THE POSE - Full of Shit / Nothing / Dead
JEAN MILLS SOCIETY TORCH - Strumpet (Firestarter)

Demo Feature
SCREWED UP FLYER - Core (Self-Released)
SCREWED UP FLYER - Sticking to the Rules is Rubbish (Self-Released)
SCREWED UP FLYER - Under the Table (Over the Hedge) (Self-Released)
SCREWED UP FLYER - One Beat (Self-Released)
SCREWED UP FLYER - Integrity (Self-Released)
IMPERIAL LEATHER - Power of Blame (MCR Company)
FORGOTTEN REBELS - Fuck Me Dead (Self-Released)

TERMINALS - Pissin’ on the Electric Fence (Self-Released)

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