Sunday, June 15, 2008

Brutal Knights "My Life, My Fault" ep

This came out two years ago on a local label called Spin the Bottle, which I think is a label that Matt did from SCHOOL JERKS. Anyway, I just picked up the single at the band’s last show and it remains remarkably consistent with the band’s previous outputs. Just over the top paced Garage inspired hardcore set to the surreal reflections of Nick Flanagan. Although they started out as a party band and they like to not take themselves too seriously this is some of the best punk being produced today if not ever. They borrow some early California influences of the ADOLESCENTS and the ZERO BOYS, strip it down with lo fi garage curiousity that draws on everything early DANKO JONES to the HELICOPTERS and the CATHOLIC BOYS and plays it at the pace of something akin to what the FREEZE would sound like if they were covering Boston Not L.A. era GANG GREEN. Couple that with the stream of consciousness hilarity of a guy who says whatever he feels like. I think the song “Bowling with Friends” stems from the bowling nights that TEEN CRUD COMBO used to engage in and works best as an in joke. Anyway this ep is punk gold that will stand the test of time and I’m not just saying that because I’m feeling nostalgic for a band that just broke up. I’m saying that because I keep listening to this disk and wonder what it’s going to be like not to have a band of this talent not writing anymore. It’s hard to imagine anyone that could live up to the fire the KNIGHTS produce. (Spin the Bottle Records –
 The songs on here are:

1. My LIfe, My Fault
2. Be My Babysitter
3. Done with Music
4. Bowling with Friends

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