Sunday, June 15, 2008

Radio - Sunday, June 15, 2008

UV RAYS - Failed Generation (Feral Kid)

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH - Black Hundreds (HG Fact)
DISKAAOS - Sota on Sotaa (Tuska & Ahdistus)
CRUNKY KIDS - Look Mom, No Oil War (Motorchest)
SISTA SEKUNDEN - Slagen Meninte Besegrad (Instigate)
PILGER - Work Ethic / Audit
CONQUEST FOR DEATH - Positive Attitude, Negative World (Wajlemac)

Studio 3 Session
UV RAYS - Power Remains (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Flip Out (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Get Bent (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Slip Inside This Brain (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Nervous Breakdown (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Don’t Need Nobody (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Impending Doom (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Waster (CIUT)
UV RAYS - French Song (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Alcohol (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Failed Generation (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Don’t Wanna Be Here (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Interview (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Party Pat (CIUT)
UV RAYS - Interview (CIUT)

Demo Feature
ANAL WARHEAD - Religious Music Sucks (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Blind Obsession (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - C.A.B. (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Protect and Serve (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Hate My Job (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Destroy the World (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Fairy Tale (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Out of Time (Self-Released)
ANAL WARHEAD - Homebrew (Self-Released)
86 MENTALITY - Called Out (Deranged)
RIOT 99 - Start a Riot (Longshot)
SKIDS - Of One Skin (Captain Oi!)

U.T.I. - Bull Tits (Self-Released)

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