Thursday, June 26, 2008

Reprobates "Stress" ep

There is lots of ex members of going on in this band, but people get pissy whenever I mention the history to a band because they feel they are forever tarred by the actions or descriptions of past bands. So I will leave that history out of the equation. Suffice it to say these guys can play and this isn’t their first band. They remind me of DOUBLE NEGATIVE in that way. And to reinforce that part of the band’s make up, the opening song “Failure” is a slower heavier sounding number not entirely indicative of the REPROBATES sound. “Failure” reminds me of the way the song “Grim Reaper” sounds on the S.I.E.G.E ep. It’s a little out of place but not entirely. This is an indication of how the REPROBATES can play. But they are more prone to sounding like a cross between early GANG GREEN and early JFA. The guitar sound behind the combined efforts of Gabby and John’s is fast, sloppy sounding, and most importantly raw. It has that whole “Boston Not L.A.” feel to the recording. According to the liner notes this was recorded live off the floor. This is a great release and makes me sad that they broke up. Another huge loss to this city. (No Way Records - 324 S. Pine Street / Richmond, VA / 23220 / USA / The songs on here are:

1. Failure
2. Rat Maze
3. Stress
4. Abandoned City
5. Gone to Shit

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