Saturday, January 1, 2011

Word on the Street "The Street is Watching" demo

Word on the Street is more than a literary festival here in Toronto. They are a straight edge band from Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. They recorded this six song demo, which we just featured on last Sunday's show.

Their sounds reminds me of a cross between Go! and Straight Ahead.

This demo has a couple of pieces of artwork.

The band is:
Dexter Outhit: Drums
Ben Brennan: Bass
Cody Googoo: Guitar
Chris Murdoch: Vocals

Amd you can reach the band at

This demo can be downloaded at the demo is also available through Crackin up tapes and Blank Stare records.
Chris and Cody moonlight in a band called Mean Streets with some guys from Mean Mug. They basically combined names of each other's band to come up with the name. It's a unique idea.

The songs on this demo are:

1. Rise to the Challenge
2. Cut to the Chase
3. H.R.M Mayhem
4. Steppin' out of line
5. Freedom of Choice
6. Round of Applause

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