Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ride at Dawn “Chrome Pillars” ep

This is the band’s third recording but their first vinyl release. The band combines buzzsaw guitars to some dirty lo fi crust to give them a sound that relies on bands like EXTREME NOISE TERROR and MOB 47 for inspiration. There is a layer of noise to what already feels like an underproduced sound which makes me think of GAS CHAMBER, particularly on the song “A Bloody Threat”, but when the songs rises out of the BASTARD NOISE like industrial sludge the song comes blazing out like a LEGION666 rager, only to digress back into a dirge. This band takes you into unpredictable places, which makes it stand out in my opinion. And the guitar sound has a particular electric frying sound that keeps your attention. This is dark and raging. (Schizophrenic Records –

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