Monday, January 10, 2011

Radio - Sunday January 9, 2011

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VIVISICK – Tear up the Pessimism and Go (Dan-Doh)

TONE DEAF -The Kids Will Not Have Their Say (Dan-Doh)
SETE STAR SEPT -Too Late (Fuck You)
Y.D.B. - No Fight No Way (Self-Released)
C.A.P. - Untitled (Self-Released)
SHOOTMASTER - Absolut Intention (Scumline)

ASPIRIN - Inject (Schizophrenic)
EVERYBODY’S ENEMY - I Am Legend (Sick of Talk)
SLIGHT SLAPPERS - Sensation of Fear / Tedium (Six Weeks)
SYSTEMATIC DEATH - Justice Song (Armageddon)
NIBBLES - Death (MCR Co.)
F.V.K. - Pigs in YCSC (MCR Co.)

BREAKFAST - Impulses / Wall Song (625 Productions)
SMASH YOUR FACE - Blood in the High (Ride On)

YOUTH OF TODAY - Disengage (Revelation)
CHARLES BRONSON - Easy E is Fucking Dead (Six Weeks)
LOS CRUDOS - Crudo Soy (Lengua Armada)
UNIFORM APPROACH - Across the Country (Shortfuse)
SPAZZ - No Room (Bovine)
MK ULTRA - Mississippi Freedom Summer Project (Lengua Armada)
DYS - Wolfpack (Taang)

BURNING LOVE - Miserable Sound (Deranged)
BLACK FAXES - Upon the Vine (Self-Released)
VACCINE - Clear (Self-Released)
BRUTAL KNIGHTS - Too Many Tattoos (Deranged)
VEINS - The Thrill of Utter Defeat (Youth Attack)

URBAN BLIGHT - Social Order (Static Shock)
BANDERA - Jolly Boys (Self-Released)
PUNCH - White Noise (625 Productions)
LAST LAUGH - My Way (Self-Released)
ANIMAL FACES - Forward Through (A Mountain Far)

DIRECT APPROACH - Self Regulate (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - My Time (Self-Released)DIRECT APPROACH - Uneven Ground (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - Mind Curse (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - No More Restrictions (Self-Released)
DIRECT APPROACH - No Results (Self-Released)

ARSON - Pretty Girls (No Exit)

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