Monday, January 24, 2011

Radio - Sunday, January 23, 2011

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NOMEANSNO – ‘Til I Die (Ant Acid Audio)

COLA FREAKS – Slukket (Hjernespind)

TIJUANA BIBLES – Death Rattle (Trophy Records)
LA BANDA TRAPERA DEL RIO – Confusion (Munster)
THE HOMOSEXUALS – Neutron Lover (Messthetics)
THE MODS – Reactions (Other Peoples Music)
THE KIDS – Old DJs (Sonik’s Chicken Shrimp)

FIRST BASE - I Saw Her First (Ric Rac)
WHITE WIRES - Pretty Girl (
Trouble in Mind)
RIPTIDES - Punk Girl Punk Boy (Goblin)
THE VAPIDS - Ain't Got No Sense (Double Hell)
CITY SWEETHEARTS - Trouble Tonight (
P Trash)

VITAMIN X - Suburban Nightmare (Tank Crimes)
OPERATION IVY - Big City (Lookout)
DISCHARGE - Suburban Dreams (Unrest Records)
MARILYN'S VITAMINS - One in the Chamber (Raw Energy)
RIOT99 - Destroy the City (Longshot
F-MINUS - Suburban Blight (Hellcat)
WEAKERTHANS - One Great City! (Epitaph)

FLATBUSH – Fascist Terror (Kool Arrow)
INSERVIBLES – Una Vez Mas (Shogun Recordings)
THE NARCS – Nightmare (Reel Time)
VILE NATION – Spit U Out (Even Worse / Way Back When)
CULO – I Don’t Like Today (Deranged)
COKE BUST  – Patriot (Six Weeks)

TYRANNA - Back Off Baby (Boppa Do Down)
SHEEP HEAD - Shooter (Zafio)
CRIMPSHRINE - Crimpshrine / Another Day (Maxiumumrocknroll)
MR. T EXPERIENCE - So Long Sucker (Lookout)
SWEET BABY JESUS - She's from Salinas (Maximumrocknroll)

RUINATION - Hero / Suspect (Plus/Minus)
SOME KIND OF HATE - All My Heros (Bridge 9)
DOA - Royal Police (Sudden Death)
HIS HERO IS GONE - Monuments to Thieves (Prank)

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