Tuesday, January 18, 2011

School Jerks "Control" ep

The SCHOOL JERKS sound is the same. Stripped down punk that is raw and ugly and conjours up comparisons to early BLACK FLAG without the Greg Ginn experience in terms of wankage. The songs remind me of early CICRLE JERKS so in some ways you could say that this is a lot like OFF before we hard any OFF recordings. Once again the band has self-recorded this which just adds to the raw sound and Tara’s has done another incredible piece of artwork that is part Pettibon in terms of it’s minimalism and stark normalcy and shittiness. More great stuff from this Toronto quartet. (Cowabunga Records – 311 Steam Drive / Genoa, IL / 60135 / USA / www.cowabungarecords.com)
The songs found on here are: 1. Screamer, 2. Control, 3. Ready to Die, 4. Ugly MInds, Ugly Faces, 5. Moral Addiction, 6. 4-F

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